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catalog RiverStream is dedicated to providing books that encourage independent reading and learning. You can count on RiverStream books to engage and inspire readers, improving skills and making learning fun for children of all ages.

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RiverStream Readers provide many advantages:

  • Correlated to Common Core Standards
  • Includes an Extension Activity
  • Provides Reading Levels, Lexile Levels and Guided Reading Levels 
  • Reinforces Reading Comprehension
  • Provides Teaching Suggestions
  • Promotes Vocabulary Development
  • Includes Helpful Web Site Addresses

Welcome to RiverStream Publishing!

We understand that educators seek a critical balance of features when selecting books: books must simultaneously be compelling and engaging, easy to use, and versatile for young readers’ use in different learning environments, all at a value that places a premium on durability and high quality.

Books are tools for students—and educators, too—that need to be truly useful. RiverStream’s nonfiction guided reading programs Little Books of Answers, Learn-Abouts, and RiverStream Readers provide important scaffolding for emerging readers, but not at the expense of exciting, dynamic content that stokes and satisfies children’s curiosity about the world.

Content drives everything. RiverStream’s picture-rich, fact-driven nonfiction—on topics from wild animals to dinosaurs to wonders of the ancient world—are books that children want to read. RiverStream’s dynamic mix of titles supplements curriculum, with a strong focus supporting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Factual enough to drive curricular learning and exciting enough to inspire pleasure-reading, RiverStream’s books open a porthole on the world past and present through which eager young eyes can peer.

Finally, by offering exclusively paperbacks, RiverStream makes top-notch books affordable and accessible to educators, librarians, and parents. We invite you to browse our catalog and be inspired by ways that our books can make reading a delight and learning come alive.


Vince Douglas

President and Publisher

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