RiverStream Publishing offers a wide range of paperbacks beyond our literacy programs.

  • Back from the Brink

    Set of 6 titles

    Cover: Back from the Brink

    The Next Gen standards ask for these Back from the Brink books that illustrate the vulnerabilities in nature and the human opportunites to address problems and build a stronger world. Up-to-the-minute web-resources can be found at the back of every book.

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  • Secrets of Magic

    Set of 3 titles

    Cover: Secrets of Magic

    Help children gain confidence in performance with these easy books about magic. Arranged around tricks of similar structure, these step-by-step guides offer fun tricks that also teach children about sequential learning and discipline in art. Perfect for maker-space rooms!

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  • Healthy Living

    Set of 8 titles

    Cover: Healthy Living

    Healthy Livingis perfect summary of cause and effect events, this perfect STEM series offers 12 Tips to ensure a healthful existence.

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