Little Book of Answers

The Little Books of Answers is a standards-based nonfiction guided reading program. The entire set comprises 60 books divided equally into 6 levels. Each book begins with a question and proceeds to thoroughly the answer the question within its text.

Vital Vocabulary

Each book supports your students on their journey to independent reading by starting with a Vital Vocabulary list of words at the front of the book. These words are reinforced throughout the book in the text, captions, and labels.

Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking pages encourage students to use the information they learned in the text to think further and research to learn more.

Teacher Support

Download free teacher support material for each book. Each file includes instruction help, scope and sequence, and vocabulary tools as well as two black line reproducibles to aid in student learning and assessment.

Visual Literacy

Charts, graphs, time lines, diagrams, maps, and concept webs on the Visual Literacy page give students a chance to see the information from the text in a graphical format.